13 Nisan 2014 Pazar

Music- Sunday Emotions

Today weather is also indecisive like me. In the morning it was sun shining very bright and make you feel like you are alive. Love live and happiness. I went out and let the sun shine kiss me again and again. with the wind sunning through from my skin. I look at the sky and feels happiness and hope First song is coming for that :

Through afternoon  it become dark and cloudy then my mode also changed. I become little bit sensitive and start thinking about everything. the second one goes for that:

When darkness start I feel little more sensitive. Thinking about my past my present and my memories. I remember very good times and bad times synchronously. Let my my deep feeling release:

I hope I can help you to release your emotions and feelings also. Sometimes its good to be alone and listen your soul.

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Kisses :* :*

8 Nisan 2014 Salı

Fashion-High Belly Skirt, Half Top

When I saw the Tshirt I fall in love with it. Thanks to my life saving black skirt I decided to combine them.

First I choose my pink shoes but then I realize I can wear also my classic black shoes. And If you look at my previous post http://ttrendandsstyle.blogspot.it/2014/04/casual-but-cute.html I again wear the same skirt. But my legs look longer. Here is the tips: If you wear high belly black skirt with opaque black socks and black shoes it seems whole you legs starts from your belly and goes into you thumb. Here I wear it without socks but you can observe the difference between legs.

Here is the a closer look.

And here is the comparision between two shoes. Which one do you think is better? Give me your opinion.

again I did not put any bags. Because I think I can choose many bags. For the accessorise if you want to be classic you can wear the black bracelet or colorfull bracelet like in the first pic.

High belly skirts really make your legs seems longer. When you combine it with cut top even better look. I hope you like the idea.
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5 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi

Fashion-Casual But Cute

During the spring its hard to decide what to wear. You will never know it is going to cold or not. So I looked at my wardrobe and decided to wear something can cover the season.

I decided to wear my red-white shirt and my favorite black skirt. I always prefer opaque socks these are the trend now.

I wear black tighty top inside of the shirt. First I was thinking to close my shirt and wore nothing but it does not looked good. This way is better.

 This is neither formal nor casual. I really love to wear middle of the style. Just one detail you can change the clotht's effect. I prefer very simple accessorize-just one single black string.

With this combination you can carry totaly black bag. I prefer to tie my hair up. This way I change my style little sport.
I hope you like the clothing and I hope I contribute your fashion taste.
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Kisses :* :*

31 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

Miart Milano

I am sure all of you heard about Miart event in milano. This is one of the biggest art event in the city.
All of the artists from different parts of the world came here and opened their exhibits. I went there and took some photos of the art pieces that I like

It was an amazing exhibit I wandered around 4 hours by examining all pieces and I never got tired. You can see different kind of art pieces made by different kind of materials

During the exhibition you can stop and drink a glass of champagne. That makes your trip more joyfully.

The exhibition was over yesterday. Next one will be in next year. I am so lucky to live in this city. First I hate here but day by day I am finding so many reasons to like it. I will search new art and fashion events and share them in here for you.

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Kisses :* :*

30 Mart 2014 Pazar

Music-Sunday Happiness

In Milano the weather is so good right now. The tempreture is about 20 and shiny. So this sunday I decided to share happy and cheerful songs. First one is an Italian song but I like it so much.

 Other song is also quite cherfull and when I listen it it makes my mood up. The video also so cute.

The other one is one of my favorite. It is a bachata song. I enjoy very much when I listen it and it makes me feel like dancing.

Don't worry because tomorrow is monday enjoy the sunday and keep your mood up.

happy happy sunday everone.
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Kisses :* :*

29 Mart 2014 Cumartesi

Fashion-Ice Blue-White

Today weather was so perfect. Sunshine  and bright day. What did I wear such a day?
I took benefit of the perfect atmosphere and took my mini skirt from my wardrobe.
I walked from my house until duomo. For this reason I prefer my lacoste white shoes.

Those shoes are so comfortable and you can wash them in the washing machine. I prefer to open my shirt and wear white strapless inside of it. Another combination of these clothes with white high heels. They are so cute and fancy. If I want to go dinner or little bit formal place second chose helps me.

I took my white bag with me while I am walking on the street. and even my headset was white. Here is the another look

I wish everyone has good and sunny day.
Keep up with me !!
Kissess:* :*

23 Mart 2014 Pazar

Music-Sunday Tranquility

Before the week start it is last chance to take a rest and restart yourself.
I am sure most of us hangover because of the saturday night ;) So it is time for tranquility.
Here are the some songs that makes me calm.

I really love Parov Stelar songs. I recommend you to add this on your play list.

Grab a book make yourself a cofee and listen to this:

It really goes deep down on my heart and touch my heart. The song is a mix of broken heart love sadness and happiness are the same time.

The song below is one of my favorite. I went to mykonos and really love that place. Whenever I listen the song it takes me to Mykonos again. I can even smell the perfume of the ocean and hear the sound of the wave

Enjoy the songs and whenever you need  peace and calm come here and listen them again.
Keep up with me!!
Kisses :*