8 Nisan 2014 Salı

Fashion-High Belly Skirt, Half Top

When I saw the Tshirt I fall in love with it. Thanks to my life saving black skirt I decided to combine them.

First I choose my pink shoes but then I realize I can wear also my classic black shoes. And If you look at my previous post http://ttrendandsstyle.blogspot.it/2014/04/casual-but-cute.html I again wear the same skirt. But my legs look longer. Here is the tips: If you wear high belly black skirt with opaque black socks and black shoes it seems whole you legs starts from your belly and goes into you thumb. Here I wear it without socks but you can observe the difference between legs.

Here is the a closer look.

And here is the comparision between two shoes. Which one do you think is better? Give me your opinion.

again I did not put any bags. Because I think I can choose many bags. For the accessorise if you want to be classic you can wear the black bracelet or colorfull bracelet like in the first pic.

High belly skirts really make your legs seems longer. When you combine it with cut top even better look. I hope you like the idea.
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