23 Mart 2014 Pazar

Music-Sunday Tranquility

Before the week start it is last chance to take a rest and restart yourself.
I am sure most of us hangover because of the saturday night ;) So it is time for tranquility.
Here are the some songs that makes me calm.

I really love Parov Stelar songs. I recommend you to add this on your play list.

Grab a book make yourself a cofee and listen to this:

It really goes deep down on my heart and touch my heart. The song is a mix of broken heart love sadness and happiness are the same time.

The song below is one of my favorite. I went to mykonos and really love that place. Whenever I listen the song it takes me to Mykonos again. I can even smell the perfume of the ocean and hear the sound of the wave

Enjoy the songs and whenever you need  peace and calm come here and listen them again.
Keep up with me!!
Kisses :*