13 Nisan 2014 Pazar

Music- Sunday Emotions

Today weather is also indecisive like me. In the morning it was sun shining very bright and make you feel like you are alive. Love live and happiness. I went out and let the sun shine kiss me again and again. with the wind sunning through from my skin. I look at the sky and feels happiness and hope First song is coming for that :

Through afternoon  it become dark and cloudy then my mode also changed. I become little bit sensitive and start thinking about everything. the second one goes for that:

When darkness start I feel little more sensitive. Thinking about my past my present and my memories. I remember very good times and bad times synchronously. Let my my deep feeling release:

I hope I can help you to release your emotions and feelings also. Sometimes its good to be alone and listen your soul.

Keep Up with me !!
Kisses :* :*