5 Nisan 2014 Cumartesi

Fashion-Casual But Cute

During the spring its hard to decide what to wear. You will never know it is going to cold or not. So I looked at my wardrobe and decided to wear something can cover the season.

I decided to wear my red-white shirt and my favorite black skirt. I always prefer opaque socks these are the trend now.

I wear black tighty top inside of the shirt. First I was thinking to close my shirt and wore nothing but it does not looked good. This way is better.

 This is neither formal nor casual. I really love to wear middle of the style. Just one detail you can change the clotht's effect. I prefer very simple accessorize-just one single black string.

With this combination you can carry totaly black bag. I prefer to tie my hair up. This way I change my style little sport.
I hope you like the clothing and I hope I contribute your fashion taste.
Keep up with me!
Kisses :* :*