22 Mart 2014 Cumartesi

Premenstrual Syndrome

Oww god I have been suffering since couples of days. Why why women have to suffer so much.
Today I went to market all I see was chocolate , cake and dessert sections.
And my precious friend nutella!! Yes I am a nutella addicted.
I bought my war equipment and I am ready to fight with all symptoms.Thanks a lot the guy who invents nutella.

My abdomen is  killing me and it gets so bigger that I feel like I am pregnant for 4 months :(
It pushes it's boundries. Ant my tits are so sensitive :( I feel so sad and depressed :( Why my hormons doing that to me :( None of my trousers are fit to me :'( I feel like I am about to explode...

I wish guys suffer the way we do. Maybe that helps them to understand what we've been going through. And may be that way they will appriciate us more!! Being a woman is really hard thing.

I hope to survive from it. I wish it for all women in the world !!

Keep up with me!!