12 Ekim 2013 Cumartesi


Hello my dears. I continue my story.
Why did I run away? Why did I get bored?
You may have been experienced the same thing. I was so depressed, I couldn't not breathe. I was so bored with my life.
Living in a socirty is hard to live. In my country, everyone has to live by rules. Rules that has been set before.
You are not allowed to abandon it. We are young and there is so many things to see, live. But no! you have the follow the rules. You have a role in the socity and you have to live with that.
Study, graduate, get a job, find someone, marry with him, have a children, be a good wife, be a good worker be a good mom, save your money in order to buy a house, a car.
You can not avoid the chain. If you wanna be happy do it by following the rules. Doing whatever you want or whenever you want is not allowed to you!

Sleep, wake up and follow the routine. Never disobey the rules! Cause it is dangerous.
If you do so, society judge you.
You have certain rules and you have follow them. Scenes are changed but your rules has already been set. So be who you suppose to be.
In order to be happy you always have to follow the rules.
Who claims that we have freedom? Who has the right to choose wahtever and whenever?
None of us! I am afraid maybe never...

Keep up with me!