8 Ekim 2013 Salı

What did I wear for the first day of schol?

I told you that time by time I' ll tell my story. I left everything and come here. What am I doing here? Master :)
My lessons are so many and so hard. However that does not stop me to keep up with fashion.
For the first day of school I prefer to wear comfortable clothes.
Here are my clothes:

My coat is so smoother. I believe it keeps me warm during the winter. I can use it whether closing or opening my neck. I usually get flu so I prefer to use it as closed.

I wore trousers as comfortable as a tight. My shoes are also so comfortable eventhough they are  high-heeled. Besides there was raining and my shoes are perfect choise for the rainy weather.
I love my cardigans. It helps me to catch the sportive style.
So that is all :)
Keep up with me !